What do you get a mother who has everything she needs? No more perfume or chocolates. Christa had always joked that she needed a donkey because there seemed to be one of every other animal on their ark. So that is what Willow decided to get her.

One of Willow’s friends had rescued a horse and donkey from Mission. The animals had been knee deep in mud and malnourished. He found a place for the horse but didn’t know what to do with this donkey until he talked with Willow.

Sight unseen, a donkey, Sea Biscuit, entered their world. He was 8 years old and not gelded. His overgrown, curling hooves looked like skis and it was painful for him to walk. That made him very grouchy, a real ‘ass’.

The work began.   With the help of a local ferrier, Sea Biscuit’s hooves were trimmed and cleaned every two weeks. He did not like this at all! He nailed the girls many times with a loose hoof so they learned that it took 2 or 3 of them to get the job done. The next mission was to get him gelded.

Since he had come from the coast and was in very poor shape, he did not have time to build up a good winter coat. They noticed that he was shivering so Robin made him a blanket from an old house coat and then some ear muffs.

With a proper diet, hoof care and love, Sea Biscuit turned into a Romeo. Now, at 13, he is very much a character and family pet. He lives with the llamas, loves to be petted and has even taken field trips to the Fall Fair.seabiscuit