By Annie Gallant – Quesnel Cariboo Observer
There isn’t an animal too big, too small, too sick or too neglected for the Eyford girls at Crooked Leg Ranch.

With the ranch name secured, Willow, Fauna, Robin, Carla and their mother are pursuing society status for their new animal rescue and sanctuary centre on the 160-acre family ranch on the Ernst Road.

But the ranch already houses several rescued animals including a zebu (African cow) named Humphrey.

He was so emaciated when he arrived, Humphrey is now crippled in his hind quarters and will probably remain on the ranch for the rest of his life.

Fauna said animals in need of rescuing don’t wait for all the paperwork to be done, when they need help Crooked Leg Ranch responds.

“We’ve been involved with animal rescue for years,” she said.

Willow was a special constable with the SPCA for many years and the ranch still works closely with the animal organization.

And it seems volunteers are also finding rewarding work at the ranch with several regulars and individuals and groups taking the time to help the ranch prepare for more rescues.

There’s horses, mini ponies, dogs, cats, a llama and a donkey named Sea Biscuit who loves attention.

Fauna said they would take any animal that needs rescuing.

John Larsen is almost a fixture around the place. He’s been doing fencing and brush cleaning.

Larsen comes armed with his chain saw and is happy to work all day long.

“It’s something to do,” he said.

“I like to help the girls.

“I used to horse log with my dad, I love horses.”

Robin said Larsen has a soft spot for almost all animals.

Donations have already been arriving at the ranch.

“People have been great about donating feed, pasture and supplies to caring for the animals,” Fauna said.

“We’re really grateful for whatever people are willing to give.

“It isn’t all about money, although that’s always appreciated, it’s about caring for the animals. We want to keep it personal, never lose each animal’s individuality.”

Crooked Leg Ranch has a fundraiser coming up, Pet Pictures with Santa at Total Pet, south of town, Nov. 27 – 28 and Dec. 4 – 5 with photographer Holly Durocher. Hours are Fridays 5 – 9 p.m. and Saturdays 9 – 4 p.m.

“All the proceeds from our fundraisers finance the rescue and sanctuary operation,” Fauna said.

Once they have nonprofit society status they plan to apply for various grants.

“Right now it’s all coming out of our pockets,” she said.

“We’re passionate about what we do. We take them all, small, large, if we have the resources, we’ll help, even if that means finding a more suitable situation for the animal elsewhere.”

Anyone wanting to make a donation can drop off at Fauna’s Pet Grooming 250-747-3311 or drop by 151 Lewis Drive. There’s a Facebook page for the ranch and they’re in the process of setting up a web site.