This is Sam almost 9 months after he came into our care, and he is STILL looking for a home. Sam a Pure bred papered Great Pyrenees that has had a very confusing life. He is selective about the dogs he gets along with, and needs very slow introductions. He is working on learning basic commands, and loves going for long walks. Sam is a medium energy dog that would do best in an adult only home and as an only dog, although cats seem to be fine. We have had lots of people inquire about him as a livestock guardian dog, but due to his abusive past and lack of imprinting/socializing we are not recommending that he be adopted out for this purpose unless the owner is already breed experienced and takes the time (months) to slowly introduce him to the livestock and teach him his job. He has been around horses, llamas, poultry, but is not allowed around them unsupervised. Sam really is a loving boy, but has been out of place for a long time. He needs a patient breed experienced home that would love to brush his beautiful side burns

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