Mixed Up Mutts, Crooked Leg Ranch and Spirit’s Mission have teamed together to help with the stray population on Saik’uz First Nations reserve.

Mixed Up Mutts is partnering with Crooked Leg Ranch and Spirit’s Mission in an effort to save a group of reserve dogs who are in great need of assistance. We are looking at least 20 (or more) dogs that need placement within rescue groups across BC. The dogs are from an area that has culled strays in the past, but are looking at more humane options at this point in time.
The “gathering” of dogs is going to start Oct 12/13 when we go north up for the first group.
We do not know anything about the dogs at this time, no ages, breeds, sizes, anything.
The dogs will be checked over, vaccinated, dewormed, and transported to a facility for a couple days. Upon seeing pictures (hopefully prior to pictures) we are hoping that some rescue groups will come forward and take on a dog (or 2 or more…)
There is a spay/neuter/wellness program in the works for the remaining dogs, with Spirit’s Mission (http://spiritsmission.com/)
If you are a rescue, or know of one that may be able to help, or have the ability to take on a foster dog with an unknown past, please email mixedupmuttssociety@gmail.com.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/notes/mixed-up-mutts/how-to-donate-to-mixed-up-mutts/522976991107818

**The dog in the picture is Athena. She was a stray on the reserve we are helping with strays. Mixed Up Mutts picked her and her litter of 2 week old pups up in August 2013.