Pandora is a young adult female that was surrendered after her owner realized that he couldn’t give her what she needed. Pandora has had 3 previous litters of pups, and is currently pregnant again. Pandora is very sweet and just wants to cuddle! As you can see she does have some lesions on her face and body that we are suspecting to be food allergies, although she will be going to the vet ASAP to ensure we can get her healthy as quickly as possible. We are happy to be able to finally give Pandora the attention, health care, and nutritional requirements she needs during her pregnancy/raising puppies, but we can’t do it alone! Because of her nutritional needs we are requesting gift cards to either pet store so we can keep her on a consistent healthy diet. We also are going to need bales of straw so that we can keep her cabin warm and clean, especially after the pups are born.