Meet Neso! Neso is a young adult pit bull mix that was recently surrendered because he wasn’t getting the care he needed. His owner realized that she couldn’t provide for him so she took him to somebody to be shot. Thankfully the person that was supposed to “do the deed” refused and brought Neso to us.
During his intake we noticed that he had an oozing growth on his chest. He was taken to the vet and it was determined that the wound was a tumor that would need to be removed. Dec 23 is his surgery date and he will remain in his awesome foster home until he is healed from surgery and we can determine what exactly the tumor is.
Dogs like Neso are why we are here! The ones that other people have thrown away… the ones that people have forgotten about and that need a hand up and a fresh start. With that said, we are happy to welcome Neso into care!
Thanks to our supporters and people that have donated to us this year so we can help provide Neso and all the other animals in our care the help they need.  *Update   Ready for Adoption

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