The summers of the Cariboo Chilcoltin forest fires were tough for so many; people, livestock and wild animals alike. When natural disasters happen, the people of Noah’s Wish become involved. This organization is dedicated to the care of endangered animals. All kinds of livestock were evacuated from the area and corralled wherever space was available. Some animals would be returned home when possible while others would be adopted out as needed.

As it happens, one rescued herd of horses came in starving and in very poor health. They were tended and kept on site as more and more animals arrived. Some animals were rehomed but this group of horses seemed to have been forgotten. While helping with the rescue, Willow fell in love with a calm and curious yearling. She tried hard to resist adoption of this horse because there were already too many horses back home on the ranch but she kept in touch with the people at Noah’s Wish. Months later, during a visit to the rescue grounds, she noticed that the little mare was still there, dirty and mangy. Unable to resist any longer, she loaded up this horse and another easy to handle mare, Liza, and drove them back to Quesnel. A home was quickly found for Liza, but the horse that stole her heart was destined to become one of the Crooked Leg Ranch herd. This was Talula. Ceilidh, a fourth generation Eyford on the ranch, grew up with Talula and they have become the very best of friends. Talula is right where she needs to be.


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