Volunteering at Crooked Leg Ranch offers a unique and rewarding opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of animals and your community. Whether you have a few hours a week or can commit to more extensive involvement, there are various positions where your skills and passion can shine. From assisting with animal care and rehabilitation, helping with administrative tasks, participating in community outreach and education programs, to supporting our fundraising efforts, your contribution is invaluable. By joining our team of dedicated volunteers, you not only help improve the lives of countless animals but also gain enriching experiences, develop new skills, and become part of a compassionate and supportive community. Your time and effort can make a world of difference, so we encourage you to join us in our mission to provide care, love, and support to animals in need.

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Fostering an animal is a deeply rewarding way to make a significant impact on their journey to finding a forever home. At Crooked Leg Ranch, our foster program is crucial in providing temporary, loving environments for animals in need of extra care and attention. As a foster, you’ll have the opportunity to offer a safe and nurturing space for animals recovering from medical treatments, learning to trust humans, or simply waiting for their perfect match. By opening your home and heart, you not only help these animals thrive but also free up vital resources and space at our facility to rescue more animals in need. Fostering is a flexible and fulfilling way to support our mission, and your compassion can truly transform a life. Join us in giving these deserving animals a second chance by becoming a foster today.

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Adopting an animal from Crooked Leg Ranch is a life-changing decision that brings immeasurable joy and companionship into your home. When you adopt, you are giving a deserving animal a second chance at a happy life, filled with love and care. Each animal at our rescue has its unique story and journey, and by choosing to adopt, you provide them with the forever home they have been waiting for. Adopting not only transforms the life of the animal you bring into your family but also opens up space for us to rescue and help more animals in need. Embrace the opportunity to make a profound difference—adopt a pet from Crooked Leg Ranch and experience the unconditional love and loyalty that only a rescue animal can offer.

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Crooked Leg Ranch is a registered charity. We can give tax receipts for donations. Charitable Tax #: BN 82121 624 RR0001

Mail donations & make payable to:

Crooked Leg Ranch Society
PO Box 4477
Quesnel, BC
V2J 3J4

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Sponsor an Animal

We are currently caring for multiple  animals that are with us for life as they are not adoptable for behavioural or medical reasons. Contact info@crookedlegranch.com for more details.