Greetings to all involved with the Crooked Leg Ranch group, our dear girl Hazely has been a member of our family for just over three months now and we wanted to tell you how great a companion and family member she is . She is extremely trainable,  anxious to please and full of good humor and fun. We just love our new girl and feel so lucky to have had her come into our lives at this time. We are very grateful to your group for finding homes for so many critters and want to thank you all for  fostering so many, our thanks and appreciation to Leanna and Brenda for helping bring Hazely into our lives.
To all the great people of Crooked Leg Ranch we want to thank you for bringing dear Hazely into our lives. She is doing exceptionally well as we finish our first three months as a family. She is a loving creature, anxious to please, very trainable and full of great humor. She has stolen our hearts, come into our lives at a great time and filled our home with love and excitement.  Thank you all, and also our good friend Brenda Colebrook, who made all this joy possible.
Our sincere thanks and gratitude to all of you who do such great work in rescuing and fostering so many critters.  Fondest regards, Doug and Betty Hallman
Hazely Hazely Hazely