To date 18 cats and kittens have been trapped from the Forgotten Feline Feral Cat Colony. They have all been spayed or neutered and some are looking for homes.
The oldest boy believed to be over 10 years of age with multiple missing teeth and nails has found a forever home with the most amazing lady. Happy retirement#11. He will spend his remain years in a warm safe place of his own with regular food and water and all the love he wants.
#18 has been adopted by someone who has loved her and worried about her safety from afar for awhile now and has not been able to help her until now. From what we can conclude from her medical exam she has had a rough time of it. She will be in a forever home now which she really does deserve.
#4 was put into an experience feral foster home and it was proven there that at one time he was someone’s pet. It took awhile for him to tolerate human touch but will now allow himself to be handled. His foster has developed a special bond with him and has decided to adopt him and ensure that the trust that has been built is not shattered.
Kitten #1 has been adopted into a loving home where she will want for nothing and will most likely become the most spoiled precious princess in that home.
Happy beginnings for four of our Forgotten Felines. Miracles do happen thanks to people who open their hearts and their minds.