Drop TrapWe would like to add one of these drop traps to our wish list, so we can more easily catch and take care of some feral cats before winter.  Click here to read about our Trap-neuter-return program.

Click on the link to donate towards the cost of one of these via Paypal. It will be close to $200 by the time we add in shipping, duty and other fees. Email us if you would like to donate another way: info@crookedlegranch.com


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Feral Cat Shelters


We are also in the process of making 26 more of these shelters for the feral cat colonies we are monitoring, and need people to donate supplies to get them done.

The totes have to be the heavier rubbermaid kind as the others will crack. We buy the 109 lt or 29 gal ones from Walmart that cost $10.00. The insulation batting we use is only 12″ wide and not too bulky. The styrofoam is old shipping coolers cut to fit or you can buy styrofoam sheets used under siding. And hay for bedding. For the entrance we put in a plastic culvert tube about 18″ . This allows a tunnel entrance that stops some of the weather from blowing into the hole. Wish List: Rubbermaid totes no smaller than 29 gal. Bags of insulation. Styofoam sheets. 18″ plastic culvert.

One house costs approximately $25.00. Pet Safe Coalition Society of Canada and Crooked Leg Ranch have a volunteer who is making these houses for us. We just have to supply him with the materials to do it. He is also placing them into the feral colonies where they will be in sheltered areas and monitored. If you can help with the cost of one of the houses please use the link below to donate via Paypal. Email us if you would like to donate another way: info@crookedlegranch.com

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