Are you looking for a unique and giving gift for Christmas?  Or for any time actually….

Though we do not see stray cats on our streets, as is seen in other countries, Quesnel happens to be home to more than five feral cat communities that range in size from just one to over thirty animals.  The team, headed by the Crooked Leg Ranch, has taken on the determination to provide care for these forgotten felines.

Insulated houses are being provided in areas where a need is identified.  The houses are made with an outer and an inner bin.  Pink insulation is wedged between the bins so that the inner bin is protected from both the cold and heat.  A tunnel of plastic or wood is then attached to provide passage to the inner bin.  With bedding material inside, the house is now ready for its wary occupant.  Cat nip is sprinkled at the entrance to entice a feral cat to enter and inspect the house.   Amusingly, an injured raven claimed one of the houses for a while.

So far, 9 houses have been placed strategically.  In placing these shelters, the volunteers are also taking responsibility for daily feeding.  As well, the cats are eligible for the TNR program where cats are trapped, neutered and then released.  More about that project will be shared in another article.

This project is a partnership between the Crooked Leg Ranch and the Pet Safe Coalition Society of Canada.  Houses cost $30.  For that, you will sponsor a house that will be built locally and placed where the need is greatest.  If you wish to sponsor a house as a present for another, please request a gift card in their name.

Sponsoring a Feral Cat House is a great way to foster awareness and caring.  If you would like more information or to order a house or two: please contact us.

Article by Liz-Anne Eyford and was first published in the Quesnel Cariboo Observer.