Can I come out and see all the animals?  Sort of! Crooked Leg Ranch doesn’t have a shelter or one location! What people think of as “Crooked Leg Ranch” is actually a private residence. Most of the animals at that location are not “Crooked Leg Ranch” animals, but privately owned by our family. There are several of our Sanctuary animals on this private residence that are available for scheduled visits only, but “Pop in visitors” are no-no to respect peoples privacy.

Where are you located? Everywhere! Because we don’t have a shelter we rely solely of foster homes to house the animals in our care. We have foster homes and volunteers from Prince George to Victoria!

Where can I drop off Supplies? Supplies can be dropped off at either of the local pet stores. For bottles please call or text Jo (991-6389) or Sue (991-8652)

I found an injured bird (or other wildlife) what do I do? You have to be licenced by the government to legally handle/care for Wildlife. Crooked Leg Ranch is not! Call Second Chance Wildlife Rescue at 250-747-0275, the volunteers there are educated and licenced in how to properly deal with the very specific needs of wild animals

A stray cat showed up at my house can you take it? No! Crooked Leg Ranch does not take in Stray animals. If you have found an animal, please call or bring it to the SPCA. 250-992-7722. If they don’t answer then please leave a message.

I saw a dog running downtown will you come and pick it up? No! Crooked Leg Ranch does not do “Animal Control”. Although Willow works for the City of Quesnel Bylaw Department after 4:30 (unless there is exigent circumstances) she hangs up her Bylaw hat. If the dog is in City Limits during “work hours” call 250-992-5743.   If not, you can catch the dog you can bring it to the SPCA during their open Hours.

My neighbor isn’t feeding his horses can you take them away? No! The only people that can remove animals in distress, or conduct an investigation regarding cruelty to animals is the BCSPCA or the RCMP. To make a report of an animal in distress call the BCPCA Cruelty Hotline 1-855-622-7722

Do you issue tax receipts for donations? Yes. We are now a registered Charity.

I’m looking to adopt a dog or cat, can I come out to the “Ranch” and see what you have for adoption? No! Because all our animals are in foster homes it’s not just a “one stop shop”. If you are interested in adopting from us we recommend you filling out the Adoption Application that is available on our website. Once your application is filled out we will schedule a home check with one of our volunteers. Once those 2 steps are done and you are approved for adoption, then we will schedule a meet and greet with the foster home so you can meet the dog and see if you are a match.

How do I make a Donation? Donations can be made through Pay-Pal or email money transfers, links for this can be found on our website www.crookedlegranch.com or you could call our and make arrangements for the donation to be picked up.

What is the difference between a feral cat and a stray cat? A stray Cat is one that was owned at some point and was either abandoned or lost. Stray cats can be scared of people, but once caught, they remember that people are OK and can be quite friendly and adapt to living as a “house cat”.
A Feral cat is one that has been born essentially “wild” and has had no contact with people at all. These cats are usually quite fractious if captured. Feral cats don’t adapt to living as a “House Cat”. If caught as a kitten, with the right handling and exposure they can grow to be great “house cats”.

I have a feral cat problem in my neighborhood what should I do? Feral cats are a growing problem in our community! Crooked Leg Ranch is the only group in the Quesnel area that has a Feral Cat program. In areas where it is safe to do so, and when funds allow, we do offer a TNR (Maybe have TNR something that can be clicked on to take readers to page that explains about TNR) and also a Barn Cat adoption program, where Feral cats that can’t be relocated where they were trapped, are placed in appropriate Barn Homes. We have ongoing fundraising to assist with these programs as each feral cat trapped costs us approximately $150 in vet care. In 2015 CLR trapped and provided vet care to 81 feral cats and kittens.

Why do you transfer animals out? The simple answer is they get adopted faster which means we can help more animals! Although we strongly encourage people to adopt, our main focus at CLR is Rehabilitation, Sanctuary, and education. We have close partnerships with the Victoria Humane Society, Action for Animals in Distress Society, and Barn Rats Need Barn Cats and transfer them over 90% of the dogs that come into our care. Because we run solely on Foster Homes, if we had to hold an animal until it was adopted, it would mean we would have to turn many more animals in need away. By transferring our animals out, it means that our foster homes can be open to accept new animals that need our help.

Why can’t I find where your adoptable animals are posted? Because we might not have any! Our focus at CLR is Rehab, Sanctuary and education! Although strong supporters of adoption, we don’t focus on adoptions for a number of reasons. Firstly we just don’t have the volunteers or resources to do the adequate pre and post adoption work/support required to ensure that we are placing our animals in the best possible homes. Secondly because we don’t have a shelter, we rely solely on our AMAZING foster homes to house and provide care for our animals. If these foster homes are full, not only does it create “Burn Out” of our foster parents, but being full, means we can’t take in more animals that may need help. By transferring animals out to our Partner rescue groups, it means that we can help WAY more animals in a shorter amount of time. If looking to adopt check out the following sites: