When is a dog not a dog? When that dog is not allowed to be a dog. Fable was treated like a toy for the first 3 years of her life. She is a very pretty Doberman, chosen because of her smaller size and colour. She was bought from a backyard breeder for $1000 but that cost did not include history, ID or follow-up support. Her tail seems to have been docked at home because of the scars that are evident. After being with her owner 24/7 and carried around like a child, Fable felt abandoned when her owner found a job. Alone for hours, she took her frustration out on the house; shredding the sofa, chewing through crates and scratching the door. This owner resorted to punishment and put a muzzle on Fable but that didn’t stop the anxious behaviour. Eventually, frustration led this owner to consider putting Fable to sleep.

Finally, the Crooked Leg Ranch was contacted and with volunteer rides, Fable came to Quesnel. Her fur was greasy and bald in places and her nose had sores and callouses. A visit to the vet was the first step. Then Willow began the process of training her to be a dog again by showing her boundaries, creating positive routines and giving her time with other dogs to reduce separation anxiety. The nose callouses are healing, her diet is more nourishing and she looks so much healthier. When she enters the house, she gently searches for love from people because this is what she learned to crave. Fable will live with Willow and the critters at CLR and continue with the reconditioning until an adoptive situation is found. New owners will need to understand Fable, her needs and potential.

This story exposes the downside of backyard breeders and the mistakes an owner might make if the dog is bought as a trophy or toy. We encourage you not to buy dogs from such operations but if you do, please ensure that you research the history and check for proper ID markings. Shelters are the best place to find a new member for your family.fable