Fire is so very destructive but it can create new beginnings as well. About 6 years ago, a local family’s world was turned upside down when their house burned to the ground. Not only were the family treasures destroyed, but sadly, they lost pets as well. As the remains were combed for anything to salvage a tiny mewing was heard. Remarkably, a kitten had somehow survived the devastation but not without repercussions. Its fur was burnt, its ears were singed, its eyes were melted shut and infection was taking hold but amazingly this creature was clinging to life. Who did they think to call? The Crooked Leg Ranch.

First they tenderly cleaned her with warm water. They flushed her eyes with a saline solution, thinking that if she could see then she had a good chance to survive. Her eyes gingerly opened, pussy and infected, but open. Like a phoenix, this kitten seemed to be rising from the ashes so they named her Cinder. The next morning she went to the vet where she received pain killers, topical ointments and an IV to battle dehydration. For two months, Cinder was treated with antibiotics and salves several times a day. At first, she was very reluctant to walk because the pads of her feet were damaged and tender. Most of her ears were gone, just little nubs were left, but she kept fighting and eventually became as healthy and active as she could be. You have to love a fighting spirit and that is exactly what one vet tech did, welcoming Cinder into her family. Today, Cinder is happy in her forever home and she even acts as a seeing eyed companion for her blind feline friend!

For more information, please contact: www.crookedlegranch.comCinder