About Us

Crooked Leg Ranch is a non-profit animal rescue group that started operation in 2009. Every year Crooked Leg Ranch assists hundreds of animals through our adoption, transfer, sterilization, food bank, and education programs. There are also some animals who are permanent residents of the ranch sanctuary due to serious medical conditions or because they aren’t physically or behaviourally fit for adoption.

To assist with the pet overpopulation problem that plagues British Columbia’s Northern communities; Crooked Leg Ranch also has a low income Spay and Neuter program where it assists Low Income Quesnel Residents in getting their animals spayed and neutered. We have also partnered with other animal rescue groups and assist several First Nation Communities, in developing Community Wellness Programs that focus on providing medical treatment, vaccinations, sterilization, and animal welfare education.

We work hard to make sure that all the money we raise through our frequent fundraising events or donation made by the public, goes directly to the animals in our care. This means that there are no paid employees at the Crooked Leg Ranch, only volunteers. There are, however, numerous bills for vet services and medication, food and supplies, and we are in constant need of funds.

Crooked Leg Ranch is a registered charity. We are happy to day that we can issue tax receipts.

Board of Directors:
Willow Eyford – director/dog coordinator
Fauna Eyford -director / cat coordinator
Robin McGowan – director/large animal coordinator
Susan Wheeler – treasurer
Rosie Bouchier- director
Angie Zaychkowsky – director
Amy Stewart- director
Robert Eyford – director
If we have the resources to help an animal in need, we will!
Crooked Leg Ranch Society is directed by generations of animal lovers, and is located in the North Cariboo region of British Columbia.  Among those who donated their time and energy to the society are a Master Dog Trainer, a Certified Dog Groomer, as well as many others with years of experience in handling, healing, and caring for a wide variety of animals, both large and small.