It is not a common occurrence that Crooked Leg Ranch Society actually asks the community of Quesnel and their many supporters for money. They would prefer to raise the money they need by holding fundraisers and bottle drop drives to name a few. Yes they do get donations like pet food, equipment, dog houses, etc but what they are in urgent need of right now is cash to pay off their outstanding vet bill.

Although the veterinary clinic has been really great to Crooked Leg Ranch with discounts on vet services and allowing them to carry a balance it is important to keep the account manageable and if they do not get the bill paid down they will be forced to put some programs on hold and will not be able to help animals other than the critical ones until they are once again in the black. The last fundraiser (on line auction of dog costumes) did not get the positive response that they were hoping for, hence this call out to you.

If you can in your heart and in your pocketbook find any amount of cash that you could spare please donate it to Crooked Leg Ranch “Lets Get Our Vet Bill Paid” Fund.

All contributions can be either personally given to one of the Eyford girls, check or money orders can be mailed to Crooked Leg Ranch (1609 Ernst Rd. Quesnel BC V2J 6H6), can be deposited directly into the Crooked Leg Ranch Bank account at the TD Bank (9352 5211 828), or personally dropped off at Marshall’s Veterinary Hospital (1927 Dragon Hill Rd. Quesnel) and or over the phone credit card payment (250-747-1330) to be put against The Crooked Leg Ranch account.You can also donate via Paypal on the “how you can help” page on this site.

Because Crooked Leg Ranch Society has not yet gotten it’s Charity Status no receipts for tax purposes can be issued.