As a society, we learned many things in 2014; foremost being that we have a very real need for a physical shelter in our community. With all the programs we endeavor to support, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be cost effective and efficient when we are relying so heavily on our volunteers to provide foster homes for every animal that enters our care. A shelter would provide a centralised location for providing care and rehabilitation, as well as a safe home and security for our permanent residents, who have come to us from various circumstances and need a little more stability for not only their physical health, but also their emotional health.


Here are a few stats from 2014, to give you an idea of all that was accomplished:

Dogs that came into care:

  • 8 were intact females that gave birth to a total of 50 puppies
  • 30 who were surrendered by their owners
  • 14 from Saik uz
  • 4 transferred from other rescues
  • 9 from Fort Ware
  • 24 Mountain dogs
  • 2 from the RCMP

Of those:

  • 5 were adopted, with one more pending
  • 2 were returned to their owner
  • 67 dogs PLUS their puppies were transferred to the Victoria Humane Society
  • 8 still remain in CLR care

Cats that came into care:

  • 5 intact females gave birth to a total of 27 kittens
  • 25 from the Valentine Colony
  • 21 from the Landfill Colony
  • 13 from Saik uz
  • 3 from Stone Reserve
  • 4 from Kluskus
  • 9 from Burns Lake Vet Clinic
  • 125 were surrendered by their owners

Of these:

  • 1 cat was humanely euthanized, 1 kitten passed due to failure to thrive
  • 4 became sanctuary ferals
  • 74 of these cats were adopted
  • 117 cats PLUS their kittens were transferred
  • 3 of these cats are still in care

That’s a whole lot of dogs and cats! The amount of care these animals require is enormous, as is the funds required for medical treatment, spaying and neutering, feeding and housing. For this we rely heavily on donations and fundraising to support our programs. Donations of bottles, food, and supplies are always greatly appreciated, as is the gift of TIME! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please visit our Facebook page at: for ongoing information.