Crooked Leg Ranch


We are an Animal Sacntuary and welfare program based out of Quesnel, BC! Home base is located on an 160 acre wooded property where we happily provide care for many displaced and special needs pets and farm animals.

We have been in operation for over 13 years, not only do we run a physical sanctuary, but we provide low income assistance to keep families and pets together, operate community outreach operations and rescue animal rehabilitation programs. 

We began our work in response to a growing local need of care for animals who didn’t fit the bill of ‘cute and cuddly’ yet were still absolutly deserving of a happy, healthy life. 



We currently have three foster dogs with special needs living at the sanctuary. Two are on special allergy diets and one is in post-trauma training. They all need lots of love and you can help!


Are pigs a human’s new best friend? We like to think so here at Crooked Leg! All 4 of our sanctuary pigs love belly rubs, sleep in comfortable quarters and eat delicious health meals. The are free range and sometimes sleep in our haystacks! Adorable.


The Horse Fam

Our frolicking beauties are quite the loveable motley crew! We have a 30-year old matrirach horse, a 20 year old donkey and a mature pony who all enjoy chin scratches, a balanced diet with old age suppliments and regualar hoof care. Your donations can really help us keep these darlings at peak health for their quiet golden years. 

How We Care…

Every year Crooked Leg Ranch assists countless animals through our transfer, sterilization, food bank, and education programs. There are some animals who are permanent residents of the ranch sanctuary due to serious medical conditions or because they aren’t physically or behaviorally fit for adoption elsewhere.

To assist with the pet overpopulation problem that plagues British Columbia’s Northern communities; Crooked Leg Ranch has a low income Spay and Neuter program where it assists Low Income Quesnel Residents in getting their animals spayed and neutered. We have also partnered with other animal rescue groups and assist several Indigenous Communities, in developing Community Wellness Programs that focus on providing medical treatment, vaccinations, sterilization, and animal welfare education.

Get In Touch or Apply to Volunteer!

Crooked Leg Ranch Society is a non-profit organization that has been serving the community since 2009. Due to Covid restrictions we have not been able to host our annual fundraisers!

We are asking for financial donations from our neighbors and animal lovers abroad to keep us in operation over winter. Food, special medication, rent and heating are our basic monthly expendiatures. All staff are 100% volunteer.

Contact Willow and Team