Crooked Leg Ranch

Supporting Animals in Central BC

About Us

If we have the resources to help an animal in need, we will!

Animal Rescue

We do our best to help whenever there is an animal in need.

Trap-Neuter-Return Program

Trap-Neuter-Return begins with the trapping of feral cats using humane traps.

Low Income Spay/Neuter Program

More info coming soon


More info coming soon


Meet Rocco! Rocco is a frisky senior (age is estimated at 9 but we aren’t sure of his entire history) mini American Eskimo Dog! Rocco is great with other dogs and the foster home cat. Rocco is quite energetic for his age, and has no problems keeping up with the...

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He came into our care last week when the novelty of having a fluffy white puppy wore off. He started to wander so he was tied up. He quickly grew bored of being tied. When he wouldn’t stop barking his owner put an electric bark collar on him. The Bark collar was...

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If you would like to adopt any of our animals or have any questions please contact us!